For Flora Ciccarelli designing jewellery is a lesson in following her true passion.

I wondered for years if you could love what you do and still make a living. Here I am with proof that it is possible.

My love (besides my husband and kids) has always been fashion.  After years in the wrong field, a stroke of good luck brought me to the women’s accessories and home décor buying teams at Les Ailes de la Mode. I loved my work and my mentors, and following the birth of my children I wondered how I could stay home with them yet still pursue my passion.
After reluctantly attending a jewellery class with my lovely sister, a new adventure began!  I began by hosting home jewellery shows as a way to show my collection and eventually decided to approach local retailers with my line.
Inspired by my Italian-Canadian heritage and summers spent in a small town close to the Adriatic Sea, I am drawn to the nostalgia and sentimentality associated to jewellery.  I have an emotional attachment to each piece that I create, and I hope you will too.